A summer lightning storm blew through last week. I was driving home for most of it but managed to make it back in time to catch one nice shot off the patio.

For the photo nerds: This as a 66 second exposure at ISO 400 with the aperture set to f/5.6.

There was barely any rain for most it. Some sprinkles started toward the end. Since I don't seem to own an umbrella anymore, I had to improvise a cover for my rig. Two Magic Arms1, some Super Clamps2 and a piece of mat board assembled together did the trick.

It wasn't windy at all. If it had been, I would have used a light stand to hold the jerry-rigged shelter. Otherwise, there would have been motion blur in the trees.

Now I'm off to buy an umbrella. I don't care about getting wet, but I'd prefer my gear stay dry.

Links and Notes

  1. Bogen/Manfrotto Magic Arms - Indispensable tools for your lighting and photography arsenal. These things, along with the multitude of clamps, brackets and studs, allow anything to be attached anywhere and pointed in any direction. Highly recommended.

  2. Super Clamps - You'll want at least one of these for each Magic Arm. As with all clamps, there's no such thing as having too many.