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April 24, 2011

Creating original content is time consuming. Sometimes easy and time consuming, sometimes difficult and time consuming, but always time consuming. In an effort to keep this blog alive in the periods when I'm not creating original work here (which has been most of the time recently), I decided to make regular posts with interesting stuff other folks created.

These posts will fall under two projects:

  1. Four Links For {DAY} {MONTH}, {YEAR} - Inspired by O'Reilly Four Short Links posts, these are simple collections of four useful, entertaining or otherwise eye-catching links I've stumbled across. They may or may not be related and will range from silly to super-geeky.

  2. Video For {DAY} {MONTH}, {YEAR} - A curated video collection culled from my bookmark archive. As with the Four Links For Project, content will vary wildly. About the only thing I'll avoid for the most part is depressing stuff. Beyond that: Remixes are in. Google Tech Talks are in. Music videos are in. Stupid Cat Videos are in. Robots are in. Anything that I've found entertaining, educational or both is in.

There's an inconceivable amount of content floating around on the web. These projects represent one way I filter a tiny part of it. Odds are good you've seen at least some of what I'll be posting. Hopefully, some of it will be new to you and enjoyable either way.

To get things started: Four Links for April 24, 2011 and Video for April 24, 2011 - Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right - Revisited.



Langhorne Slim plays Jax tomorrow night

March 22, 2011

Attention folks in and around Jacksonville: Langhorne Slim will be playing at Jack Rabbits tomorrow night.

I first heard Langhorne Slim via the 2009 SXSW Artist Showcase MP3 set. His song "Restless" quickly made it into my "Top Rated" playlist. Here's that song and a few other videos of his:


Rebel Side of Heaven


Restless - Live on David Letterman

I've not seen him live before, but judging from the Letterman appearance, I'm pretty optimistic. Especially for $8. Tickets available here.

Happy Pi Day

March 14, 2011

Presenting what might be the song of the universe:

Kudos to a fun idea and nice execution.

Update: I did a little digging over lunch and found that Lars Erickson is the gentlemen who wrote "Pi Symphony". Here's his video:

The top video was down for a while. In the comments to the second one, Lars addresses the fact that he sent a take down notice for the top video, saying: "Hey, I contacted him, but when people were referencing my work in his comments, he blocked their accounts. I am not trying to suppress the melody of pi, just someone taking credit for coming up with it this year when I did it 19 years ago. I completely understand, and hate doing it."

In case the top video goes down again, here's another Pi related thing to watch:

Beautiful Slow Motion Footage of a Shuttle Launch

March 09, 2011

Some folks at NASA got together and put together a video with footage from various high-speed cameras that are used to film a launch. Gets points for being both interesting and beautiful. Fair Warning: The first one is 45 min long and you might watch the entire thing without meaning to. I figured I'd watch a few minutes of it, but got absorbed and stopped noticing time until it ended.

And here's a second clip with bonus footage that they couldn't get in the first one become of time constraints.

Hello, Geminoid (and welcome back to the uncanny valley)

March 08, 2011

That's right, he's a robot. Not as creepy as others and for the first time I can see how it might be possible to create something that doesn't cause the revulsion response of the Uncanny Valley

Sound of a Shuttle Launch

March 07, 2011

When STS-133 launched on Feb. 24, 2011 from Launch Pad 39A, I was fortunate enough to be in the VIP viewing area. At about three and half miles form the pad, it's about as close as you can get without working for NASA or being an elected official. I'd been to a few other launches before, but I was closer to eight miles away. Aside from the obvious visual bonus to being closer, the biggest difference at the VIP location was the sound. The video below is from a different launch, but it'll give you an idea. It was, in a word, awesome.

Make sure to plug in your external speakers to get the full effect.

Starting off with a bang: Black Joe Lewis - Gunpowder

March 06, 2011

Now that the blog is alive again, I'm going to post more music that I like in the spirit of sharing. To start off, Black Joe Lewis doing 'Gunpowder'.


... And we're back... again

March 05, 2011

So, toward the end of 2009, I decided that I wanted to move this blog back from (where it was for a while) and at the same time, convert the underlying blog software from WordPress to Drupal. At the time, it looked like Drupal had some stuff going for it that would make what I was looking to do with this site easier/better. Four things happened since I 'started' this move:

  1. I spent a lot of time working through Drupal's notorious learning curve, but still didn't really feel confident in it.
  2. The day job ate up way too much time in 2010.
  3. I got seduced by the giant time-sink that is Facebook.
  4. WordPress upgraded to version 3.

So, after all that time, all I've ended up doing is upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and moving the blog back to this site. Of course, in the mean time, all of 2010 went by without a post….

Now that I've got things moved, I'll shoot to post more than one post every 18 months….

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